At FAST Structural Engineering, we pride ourselves on our agile and responsive approach to structural engineering. With a dedicated team specializing in houses, remodels, and ADUs, we deliver fast and efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Coming up with solutions for unforeseen field conditions on remodels is one of our specialties. We work closely with contractors to ensure that any field issues are addressed in a timely and efficient fashion, resolving them seamlessly to keep the project on track.


Our expertise in constructability and cost control ensures that we maximize value and minimize waste, providing builder and developer-friendly services. We prioritize collaboration and communication with the architect and contractor throughout the project, fostering a seamless workflow and proactive problem-solving approach.


With our goal of providing the fastest possible turnaround without compromising on the efficiency of design, we go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. Our commitment to delivering practical and innovative solutions, even in challenging field conditions, sets us apart in the industry.


Jason Braun, P.E., our Principal at FAST Structural Engineering, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. Jason holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Structural Engineering, both from USC. With a diverse professional background, he initially honed his skills at a prominent structural engineering firm before transitioning to project management roles at renowned general contractors, overseeing high-rise and stadium projects.

Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Jason embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to establish FAST Structural Engineering. Specializing in structural engineering for houses, remodels, and ADUs, Jason's unwavering commitment lies in providing the fastest possible turnaround without compromising on the efficiency of design. Leaving behind the corporate world, his focus shifted towards establishing a company that prioritizes helping people and delivering exceptional service.

What sets Jason apart is his comprehensive understanding of construction processes, as evidenced by his personal involvement in concrete and framing on his own development projects. This unique perspective enables him to optimize structural solutions and minimize unnecessary expenditures, ultimately delivering cost-effective designs to our valued clients.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jason finds solace and joy in watersports like diving and wakesurfing. Embracing the adventurous spirit, he indulges in these activities during his spare time, rejuvenating his mind and fostering a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his work.


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